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Shocking Facts on African Gold Deals

Shocking Facts on African Gold Deals 

1)FACT NUMBER ONE: Most of the deals and offers of gold from Africa are scams, fake and fraudulent gold deals. What you see on pictures is brass or yellow painted metal, and not gold. If you happen to see real gold and touch it, chances are big that you are never going to take it out of the country, as the scam is better than your qualification to buy it. 

2).FACT NUMBER TWO: There are big chances that you are not qualified to recognize if such deal is real or fake and thus you are luring other genuine people, buyers and intermediaries into believing that there is some gold cheap out there, however, what you do in reality, you are perpetrating fraud yourself and inciting and supporting criminal enterprise. 

3)FACT NUMBER THREE: A local gold miner has local gold buyers where he sells the gold and that was the main reason for the small scale miners to open up a gold mine in the first place. Do you really think that any small scale miner needs you outside, out there, in the foreign country to sell to you, when he can sell it locally? 

4)FACT NUMBER FOUR: Spot prices are available in each of the African countries. Yes, gold may be sold locally everywhere in Mali, Ghana, Sierra Leona, Burkina Faso, Tanzania, Congo and many other African countries. This alone shall appeal to your common sense, and if there is any gold trade deal out there that might be genuine, it shall be very well justified to go around this fact. Some refineries like AA Minerals in Ghana are going to pay 2% discount for any gold that is brought to them. Some dealers are paying spot prices and very often above the spot price. Large quantities are rare, and if you really wish to get the gold, instead of discount, dealer is going to pay better price just to get it. The large players in the market are converting cash for gold and they are paying for the speed. It is easier to win the Bingo than to close the deal on distance without being qualified for it. 

5)FACT NUMBER FIVE: There are actually gold deals that are genuine. But they are not going to appear on Internet. You must go on the ground, explore, meet the people, make the connections, know your stuff, and you always need to give some benefits to miners and gold dealers in order to gain any profits on such.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015


GOLD AND DIAMOND SCAM LIST: GOLD SCAMS:                                     ATTENTION:   BUYERS OF GOLD AND DIAMOND.                                                         ...


                                  ATTENTION:  BUYERS OF GOLD AND DIAMOND.
                                                         SCAMMERS LIST
Many scammers send various documents to lend authority to their scam. These documents are faked, altered, or re-used from their original purpose. Please do not be tricked by their documents, however good or official they appear.

                                         FAKE GOLD SELLERS AND THEIR DETAILS
1) Mr. Coffie Adams or Adams Coffie of Summit Mining Company LTD Ghana is the
number one TIME WASTER" in my book... Phone number: +233 243330457 and
Email address is To see why he is on top of this list
number one position. (Be warned, signed Contracts mean nothing to this Mr. Coffie)
2) Yaw Asante of Ghana. Tel: 00233-246-290065, Email: YAW ASANTE (“Buyers be ware, he is not truthful”).
3) Christian Atitsogbey of Ghana, Tel: +233 24-0844 700, Email: "chris kwadjo" . “None performer).
4) This man uses the name of "Abdullah" Email address "Malkhan m.zowry" and claims that he is a Gold Buyer from Dubai. His Tel number is +971-42622515... (Warning, he is from another planet!!!)
5) DR GODWIN AMEH, Email address Tel number: TEL+229 93 48 04 97 (Claims to be a Gold seller? He is a fraud)
6) Frank Afforson, Tel number: 0031-642-679-655 Email: "frank" (This guy is a clever crook! He is a thief!)
7) HON, FANADEX ADDUET, Tel number :+233-248957808 Email Address (Scammer!)
8) Mr. Timothy Asare of AMA-Ken Limited of Accra, Ghana. Tel number: + 233-24-3011-088 and Email address:
(After signing my contract, he expected my end Buyer to test only one KILO but to pay for 150 KGs!)
9) Joe Adu. Mob: +233-27-2085118. Skpye: metalsgh Email. (this man will devise all means humanly possible to extort money from you)
10). Mr Francis Mensah, has no gold to sell. Mob: Tel:+233240488476 Email:
11). Flubach Impex, there are a lot of scammers using this company details to rob buyers of there money, though this is a legitimate company but beware of any offer coming from them.
12). OBOU RIVER LTD, we have had a lot of reports from buyers of gold about this company, anyone who is in contact with them should be careful.
13). Afrikense Intergroup Co. Ltd. They will ask for upfront payment without making any supply…Email:
14). Suki Mining and Marketing Company….Email: +233 244 812114.
15). Beware of Isaiah Namba from Kenya he works with a lot of scammers and goes around introducing them to buyers.. Emails:
16). Mathew Olembe works with alot of companies like BLACK ARK MINING COMPANY, KAIRABA HOLDINGS, OBOUR RIVER COMPANY AND PRORESOURCES INVESTMENT LIMITED..Beware of this young man he is a thief Email: Mob: +233245739228. This is his address, which we have checked, its not a physical address P.O. Box 511 Accra North, Accra Ghana
17. Balde & Brothers Importer /exporter Company Name;Mr Banny Tao. Do not accept any offer from this group its all a scam.
18. Another person is Ameh Jacob, this young man resides at Burkina Faso. Email: Mobile:+229 93 48 04 97, he claims he has 550kg of gold, its all lies.
James Adams with tel: +233546659092 and, no specific company.

Frank Owusu with

Emmanue of  General Field Mining Co Ltd. P.o Box 1080 Achimota Accra Ghana. Tel fax: +233 2457 20677 Email

Mr.Francis Mensah.
Onuoha, EMAIL:
phone number: +2348035504383

Mike Bennet with mobile:+2348055072790..Nigerian scammer.
Michael Atta, is a big scammer and liar, first he has no specified company(meaning that he can use any company he wants once he gets a buyer). The price of his product is questionable. The amount he can supply per one buyer is amazing...Bring 2kg of your product to PMMC.
Godfrey Yeboah, Email:
Signore Metals ltd with,, Mob:No: +91 900 336 37 35. These people do not exist, even though they have websites and operate from India mostly.
Richard Owusu,Tel : +233 271 464219. Do not try to accept his procedures no matter how you see it.

Noel Asante